TUG (Toronto Upcycling Group) is Kaveri Joseph, Christine Lieu, Jessica Ching, Carrie Liang and Heidi Mok. They are Industrial designers, good friends, creators, makers, explorers, collectors, collaborators, thinkers, do-ers, visionaries, food and drink enthusiasts and ninjas. TUG's mission is to create a system of waste management that upcycles disposable materials into products of greater value and use, in hopes of inspiring others.

TUG helped refresh the common area of Edmond Place with vibrant throw pillows and handcrafted planters.

The pillows were crafted from scrap fabric samples donated by Parkdale’s very own Designer Fabrics. The scraps were sorted and then cut to size in order to be woven and sewn into various patterns. This experiment of colour, texture, pattern and print, adds a cheerful touch to any space.

The planters were created from old vinyl advertising banners that were cut into strips and hand woven into baskets. The strong material provided for a water resistant bast for the plants and added a splash of texture in the space.

Public Displays of Affection for Edmond Place, an exhibition of custom furniture designed for the new housing development, Edmond Place, will be held at the Gladstone Hotel from September 22 to 29, 2010