Bloom Chair

The Bloom Chair is part of The Bloom Series - A furniture collection that is multi-functional and adaptable for small spaces.

The Bloom Chair is a clever folding chair that surprises you with each step it takes to become an actual chair. It starts of as two flat panels hinged together with folded legs on one side. A handle makes this piece easy to carry around and travel with. By folding out the front and back legs, the chair is now supported and raised to a normal seat level. Take the top handle and lift it up to reveal the felted interior of the chair. A detachable cushion is also provided for more comfort and a fun splash of colour. If you choose not to unfold it, simply sit on top of it like a raised cushion, or only open the top flap so you have a lower chair to lounge on.

Materials: Birch, Industrial Felt, Steel.