Bloom Bench

The Bloom Bench is part of The Bloom Series - A furniture collection that is multi-functional and adaptable for small spaces.

Bringing fresh natural wood together with the raw look of felt, the Bloom Bench resembles the high contrasts frequently seen in nature. This bench is a thought provoking piece with multifunctional capabilities; as it transforms into a wall-mounted organizer for extra storage when as required.

The transformation requires a few easy steps: remove bench legs, mount legs to cleats on wall (also functions as a coat hanger bench is in use), mount bottom of bench onto the bench legs which also have cleat mounts; release the compressed felt et voila.

The discoveries are endless. Given the simplicity in its design and complexity in its functions, the Bloom Bench is a conversation piece that will excite you every time you see or use it. As a piece that will never bore you, Bloom Bench grows as you grow; adapting to your every move and need.

Let Bloom blossom with you.

Materials: Birch, Industrial Felt, Metal Snaps.