Bexuko: Woven Intersections

Bexuko formed as a collaboration between three creatives who wanted to reconnect modern society with traditional artisans around the world. In hopes of fostering an ever-growing need for fairtrade, Bexuko works directly with the artisans on design concepts that apply traditional hand crafting methodologies. Woven Intersections marks the beginning of a movement between artisans and designers of the world – starting with the artisans in Oaxaca, Mexico. New artisans and designers will be featured annually to promote their trade and expertise. Special collections will be launched quarterly.

The first collection will focus on the black and white lens of design. Woven bags and textiles of Oaxaca tend to highlight the vibrancy of the city and the colours surrounding the landscapes. However, we wanted to take a step back and focus on the granular scale of the handicraft details; showcasing a collection that makes you see the materials and designs for what they truly stand for.

In the future, we hope to continue connecting with various artisans and create a continuous network of designers and makers in order to support underserved communities around the world who are still facing hardships amongst our modern times of the first world. Please help us by donating to the cause and supporting the artisanal communities. 15% of each piece will be donated back to the community to help build better infrastructure, workplaces, homes and schools.

Projects and progress will be documented into a short film that will help spread the message and the movement.

Websites coming soon!